About Us

Every office has limited  brokers and suppliers but at Diamond Street, one can connect to the entire market in one platform without any hassles.Diamond Street is the next generation platform for quick and demand based exchange of Diamonds. 

Diamond Street provides a simple solution to the complications involved in trading of diamonds based on the demand.

At Diamond-Street, we have created an online community which is simple and secure. We are constantly innovating so that users can buy and sell in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

On Diamond-Street you can:

1  Easily upload your demand with all the categories and selections available. 

2. Be on track with the latest news from the Diamond Market of India. 

3. Easily search demands for available stocks.

Why DiamondST?

-DiamondST for buyer 

A buyer can easily place a demand which will be displayed to the suppliers and brokers. This can help a buyer to fulfil his demand with various options of suppliers in the quickest of time. Along with this, it can also help the buyer to purchase the required diamonds at most competitive prices. 

-DiamondST for seller

A supplier/seller gets access to one stop platform of various buyers related to his stocks. This can help a seller to get the best price from the correct and appropriate buyers. Also, this can help the seller for a quick rotation of the stock.

- DiamondST for Brokers

 A broker has limited access to number of offices in the market. This platform can enable a broker to connect to the appropriate buyers or sellers. 

- DiamondST for Jewellers

There are limitations for the Jewellers to access the companies in the Diamond industry.This platform enables them to place their demands in the market and reach the entire industry in one go.