Finer Timber Doors – Official Warranty

Finer Timber Doors (Vic) Pty Ltd guarantees their products: Timber Doors & Solid Timber Benchtops against defects by design, workmanship and/or the use of faulty raw materials.

• This warranty is not a wear warranty and does not cover surface wear (wear and tear).

• Improper Installation – of benchtops and doors.

• Improper Maintenance – this includes the use of abrasive cleaning chemicals and the use of too much water.

• Extreme Conditions – maintaining the proper humidity levels in the home at all times during the year.

• Abuse or Misuse – this warranty does not cover indentations, scratch damages caused by negligence or damage caused by, pet claws etc..

• Water Damage – this warranty does not cover damage caused by moisture penetration or any other water damage caused by leaking, etc..

• Alterations/Repairs – Any alterations to any of our doors or benchtops, or structural failure due to excessive alteration or abuse will void any and all except implied warranties.

Colour and grain variations occur naturally in timber and are not considered a defect. All timbers are colour matched by hand to achieve a consistent result, that is humanly possible.

Doors must be handles with care – stored flat, away from adverse moisture conditions and extreme climate conditions. A warp of distortion not exceeding the Australian Standard in not considered a defect. Panels are manufactured to move within the door frame. Do not allow build up of polish or stain, that may prevent movement between the panel and frame. If movement is prevented, this will lead to spitting and/ or panel bulge in wide doors. Doors exposed to full sunlight are at risk of shrinkage and therefore require particular attention.

Within two weeks of delivery, the doors MUST receive a minimum of TWO coats of paint, varnish or sealer to prevent the undue absorption of moisture. Doors must be ENTIRELY coated including the top, bottom and both side edges. Do not use water based finishes or stains without paint manufacturer’s consultation.

Finer Timber Doors agrees to repair or replace at its discretion, unfinished doors found to be defective within the meaning of this warranty and is limited to the purchase price of the originally supplied doors.