Why should I join Diamond ST?

Diamond Street is a one stop portal for finding equivalent suppliers for the uploaded demands with an extensive category funnel to filter out various possibilities.

Along with the above feature, it also comprises of information regarding the daily news and updates of the Diamond Market of India, daily update in the Metals, Currencies and Index and also a list of the events till the end of the corresponding year.  

How can I register for Diamond ST?

On the Homepage of Diamond Street you can Register as a Broker or an Employee of a Company. 

There are two separate forms for both the entities and the user can register as one of them to avail the benefits of the platform. 

How can I download the Mobile Application?

The Mobile Application can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS. 

You can also download it from the links on the Homepage. 

Are the registered users verified as genuine by Diamond ST?

Initially the users are are regular sign-ins. But the executives of Diamond Street will contact every registered user to provide for appropriate documents for verification. 

Every week the Admin of Diamond Street will message every registered user a list of the users who are verified by Diamond Street executives. But Diamond Street will not take any responsibility in any lapse of transaction between the two parties connected through Diamond Street. 

How can I Upload a demand?

Uploading a demand on Diamond Street is very easy, efficient and based on various filter levels. 

User can click on Upload Demand Tab on Diamond Street Hompage and enter the various category specifications to upload their demand on the website. 

For Certified Stones Demands, a User must select the separate tab for Certified Demands. 

Why is there a separate tab for Certified Stones?

Since Certified Stones are an entire different marketplace of Diamonds with various different categories and specifications, we have kept it as a different tab altogether. 

Also, in order to make the user experience much easier to Search for Certified Stones, it is necessary to provide a different tab for them. 

How do I Search for a particular demand?

In order to search for a particular demand, a user must go to the Search Demand Tab and select the shape user is looking for. Post the selection, user can enter a particular criteria if any or view the entire list by just clicking on Search. 

Rate User, Block User, Add to Favourites, Send Message

Rate User: A user can Rate a particular User based on the Demands placed on the Search page. Average rating the user gets, give the supplier an overview of the authenticity of the Demand and the User. 

Block User: A User can block another User incase the former doesn't want to see the demands placed by the latter. Blocked Users can be removed from the Profile page using the Blocked Users Tab. 

Add to Favourites: A User can add a particular User to their Favourites list which will enable the former to see the latter's demands on the top of the search list. 

Send Message: A User can directly Send a Message to the User who has placed the Demand on the website using this feature. 

How many days is a particular Demand valid for?

On Diamond Street we have kept the expiry date of a particular Demand for 7 days since it is beneficial for a User to view fresh Demands rather than view Demands older than 7 days. 

What are the features of Financial Data, Events and News Tabs?

At Diamond Street we provide extra information for the Users like:

  • Events to be held till the end of the year,
  • Financial Data which is updated on a daily basis,
  • News related to the Diamond Market in India. 

Why is Diamond ST effective for Jewellers?

Jewellers don't need to approach the suppliers for their demands.They can simply upload their requirements on Diamond ST. Suppliers will approach the Jewellers themselves based on the placed demands.